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品味精致美食 珍馐百味云集

品珍宫中餐馆对精致美食的追求,兼具深度和广度,其美味的密度、比列,都能从每一处细节里体现出来。古色古香的装潢、摆设、餐巾餐具到每一道佳肴,都注重情调与味道并重。对于华人传统年菜的食材、做法和呈现,更是充满了特色与想法, 也足见真功夫。网罗大江南北的珍贵食材,作为节庆时餐桌上的山珍海味,展现出中华民族对餐桌文化的坚持、对和谐幸福的追求、对团圆喜乐的响往,吃出一整年的满满福气、人生百味! 欢迎您来到品珍宫,唤醒记忆中的传统味道,在料理中感受我们的诚意与坚持!

Yummy Palace Embodies Traditional Chinese Fine Dining
Yummy Palace had continued to deliver tongue tantalizing cuisines and with deep and broad views, the density and portion of its delicacies are unparalleled. More and more details are taken care of; starting from the appetisers, they are astonishing enough. From its luxurious interiors and table settings to the fine cuisine specially curated from all parts of China, Yummy Palace brings back the rich food heritage found in over 5,000 years of Chinese culture and history. Yummy Palace promises to evoke in all your senses, memories of reunion and togetherness. Welcome to Yummy Palace, where we hope your memories of traditional flavours will be awakened, and feel our sincerity and persistence in cooking!

What is Pen Cai?

Pen Cai or Poon Choi in Cantonese is a popular dish among reunion dinners in Singapore during the Chinese New Year. To show the value of Pen Cai, Yummy Palace now add a variety of seafood delicacies and high-value ingredients such as Abalone, Sea Cucumber, Sea Maw, Prawns and more. Last but not least, every Pen Cai can comes with complimentary Electric Cooker so that you and your loved one can enjoy this piping hot treasure pot during CNY reunion dinner.